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January 2022
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*~2016 Montana Mission Trip~*


6th trip to Montana for missions. We have 7 set dates as of right now, and working on #8. Jeff is preaching at a church for one & then the other 6 are Round Pens. The one we are working on is in Laurel, they should let us know with in a few days. This year is going to be fast & furious with only 1 day of down time. So prayers are needed greatly for the whole trip. Also, Casey is not going with us, which makes me very sad & all alone.

I am humble to say the ministry has been going now for 13 years. Every year we think okay, that will be the last one & then next year starts with even more phone calls then the year before. The Round Pen has been going for 9 years now, which as most know started out as a 15 min devotional for a youth group going back to school. And now has turned into a mission trip during the summer & over several weekends around home for the rest of the year. So excited with the new living quarter horse trailer, God has truly worked a miracle in the ministries life. We have prayed for the trailer for several years, with specifics…and God has given us more then we deserve. So EXCITED to see the places we are going to go this summer & over the weekends during the rest of the time. Giving ALL GLORY & PRAISE to GOD for His GREAT works!!!

Cowboy Up for Christ has a group page on FaceBook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumbler. To keep posted with our upcoming events, you need to ask to join any of our groups.  We post all the time on many of the group pages, and place schedules on the pages as well.  Make sure you get the one with the Cowboy Up for Christ trademark(rugged cross with a cowboy hat on the side arm).

We have so much to thank God for and want to be sure that He gets all the praise and the glory for everything.  Most of all we thank Him for His Son Jesus Christ and the hope that is found in Him & Him alone.

God bless,

CUFC gang

Check the website, or get connected with all or one of the Cowboy Up for Christ groups, to see what is scheduled & when.  If you need more information please give us a call @ (501)-253-2830 or email…remember we request no FEE…God takes care of the money side of things.  Until next time stay in the middle of your saddle & know that with Jesus Christ in it, you will NEVER ride alone.

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